Offering Reliable Military Support Services in Newport News, VA, and the Entire Peninsula Area

At Tucker Accounting Services LLC, we take great pride in providing exceptional tax support services specifically tailored to meet the needs of our esteemed military and retiree community. With our extensive experience in dealing with the unique circumstances faced by military personnel, we are dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the maximum tax benefits they deserve. Our military tax services in Newport News, VA, and the entire Peninsula area are designed to alleviate the stress and complexity of tax filing, allowing military families to focus on their vital roles. We’re proud to offer our military support services to our distinguished men and women in uniform!

Military State Tax Expertise

From Duty to Dollars

We understand that military families often face the challenge of filing state tax returns for one or multiple states, which may differ from their current stationed location. Our skilled team assists in ensuring that wages earned in one state are not taxed in another, maximizing tax savings for our clients.

Wage Exempt Solutions

Serving Those Who Serve

Under the Military Spouse Residency Relief Act, military spouses can benefit from wage exemptions if they work in a state outside their declared home of record. Our knowledgeable professionals help file the necessary returns to refund withholdings that should have been exempt, providing financial relief to military families.

Rental Income Reporting

Trust Us With the Job

Military families frequently rent out their homes when relocated, and accurately reporting rental income and expenses is crucial. With our expertise in tracking rental income and depreciation, we ensure the correct computation of reportable capital gains upon the sale of rental properties, optimizing tax efficiency.

Elevate Your Tax Strategy

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We are committed to serving our military community with integrity, precision, and personalized attention. Trust Tucker Accounting Services LLC to handle your military tax requirements in Newport News, VA, and the entire Peninsula area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the difference of our dedicated military support services.

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